Sunday, February 15, 2009

Japan for two weeks and then back for more eduFire!

I'm in Japan for the next two weeks on a trip to see family and friends, and when I come back I'll be starting right back up with some new classes on eduFire, most of them free!

You can keep up with my adventures on Twitter in English @rainbowhill and in Japanese @jrfiction. I'll be doing my best to keep Rainbowhill's Language Lab up-to-date also!

Japanese for Beginners

My class Japanese for Absolute Beginners has now morphed into two classes, the original Absolute beginners class, and now a new and improved Beginners class (only slightly more advanced than the first).

Both classes will continue in two modes, one where we learn new phrases and expressions, and the other where we use what we learn in what I call a Language Lab.

The two free classes are

The two conversational classes are $7 each, and class sizes are small so you'll have plenty of opportunity to speak (if you get in early).

Fast Track to Fluency in Japanese

You might also be interested in my other free class, Fast Track to Fluency in Japanese. In this language 'hacks' lesson I cover techniques to immediately increase your fluency, stuff you won't find in textbooks.

Fast Track to Fluency is also paired with a Fluency Lab where you can put into practice all the tricks you've learnt in the lesson. Class numbers are limited so you'll have more personalised attention and the best chance to talk.

Other Classes

Check these and other Japanese classes out on eduFire.

My Background

I'm a CELTA qualified English teacher with over 6 years experience teaching in Japan and Australia. I'm currently working at University as a international student adviser by day, and an English Teacher by night.

At home I speak mostly Japanese with my wife and our two kids. I'm at an upper intermediate level of Japanese, written and spoken. I am keen to take on beginner to intermediate level students of Japanese.

Learning a language is a great way to meet people and learn about the world. Not only that, it's a great way to learn about yourself. Share your enthusiasm for learning languages with me.

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