Sunday, April 19, 2009

JapanSoc Poken Contest

It seems you can't turn anywhere on the interwebs without running into one of these social little fellows. I first heard about the Poken following twitter coverage of the Tokyo GCM night hosted by Danny Choo and Andrew Shuttleworth.

JapanSoc is holding a contest to give away one of eleven Poken devices to a lucky winner. The Poken allows you to quickly and effortless share your social profiles with other Poken users when you meet in real life.

I did a quick search on google for Poken users in Brisbane and all I could find were misspellings of spoken, so I guess if I were to win one I would be one of the first. It would probably come in handy at the The Japanese Language and Culture Brisbane Meetup Group I get to sometimes, or even the The Brisbane Anime & Manga Meetup Group that I'm yet to attend. It sure beats beer coasters and the bits of paper that inevitably get lost in the wash.
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