Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unlimited Learning with eduFire Superpass

Blue Sky Learning

When I was growing up I used to ask myself what I could learn if I had all the time in the world. If I was going to live for ever I would need something to do, and I knew that learning was something inexhaustible that didn't cost a lot of money. Those two factors were really important, because as a kid our family didn't have a lot of money, but growing up in Australia we had plenty of time.

[photo by the undergraduate]

I'd lie on my back in the sand and stare up into the deep blue sky above and go through a long list of things that I could possibly learn; judo, flying, Swahili, cake making, oil painting, motor car racing... The list went on and on and on, until the sand got too hot and I had to run down to the water and cool off.

Somewhere along the line most people lose this sense of wonder, and their sense of ownership, in learning. They tell themselves, "oh, I'll never be good at maths" or "I'm too slow for basketball", and they give up trying. Sometimes, even worse still, they let other people tell them what is possible. When that happens it's all too easy to blame your circumstances, the school you went to, the neighbourhood you grew up in or the chances you were given in life. So you do, and you just give up trying, because classes are too hard, the gym's too far from home, work finishes too late, and the teachers a jerk.

Well it's time to take back control. Education is coming to the same crossroads as tourism, the same page as publishing, and dare I say it, but the same red letter as finance. The invisible hand of capitalism has come smack up against the institutions that have lasted since the industrial revolution. The effects of globalisation and dis-intermediation are far-reaching and game-changing. They are also irreversible.

Smart people are not accepting the roles that have been carved for them and are learning to collaborate and cooperate in ways that simply weren't possible even 5 years ago. They are getting together to share knowledge in ever more democratic ways, as the cost of doing so disappears towards zero.

That's why, when I joined eduFire as a tutor last year I knew I was part of something much bigger, part of the education revolution. Part of a team that is committed to the principles of #hackedu. So today I am proud to present you with a chance to be a part of this revolution in learning.

SuperPass is here!

Unlimited Lessons one low price!

If you sign up now for SuperPass you get unlimited lessons on eduFire for the one low price of $29 per month. That's not just for my classes but for all classes on eduFire, you can learn whatever you want! That means even if you only choose to do 2 of my classes, Japanese for Absolute Beginners and the Language Lab, you'd get both classes for less than $8 a week!

Rainbowhill's Classes on eduFire

Rainbowhill's Japanese for Absolute Beginners $5/class (free with SuperPass)
Rainbowhill's Japanese Language Lab for Absolute Beginners $5/class (free with SuperPass)
Rainbowhill's Fast Track to Fluency in Japanese $5/class (free with SuperPass)
Rainbowhill's Fast Track to Japanese Fluency Lab $5/class (free with SuperPass)
Rainbowhill's Japanese for Beginners $5/class (free with SuperPass)
Rainbowhill's Japanese Language Lab for Beginners $5/class (free with SuperPass)

SuperPass only launched on Friday and already there are well over a hundred SuperPass classes, with more being created everyday.

You could have all these classes for $29

Japanese Classes

Join now win an iPhone 3GS

Don't wait a moment longer, join now and you will go in the draw to win an iPhone 3GS on the 19th of June. That's only 3 days a way, so be quick.

Your 7day trial starts with just one dollar!

Sign up now and you'll go into the draw to win a $200 gift voucher at the apple store, which you can use to buy anything you want. Funnily enough it's just the right amount for a brand-new iPhone 3GS. The winner will be announced on the 19th of June, so you only have 3 days to subcribe for your chance to win.

It's no secret I think eduFire is a great way to learn, but don't take my word for it! Listen to what other people are saying about eduFire on Twitter and then come back and sign up for your SuperPass!

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