Sunday, April 04, 2010

From Uninspired Images to Dream Fluency

April 5th Link Post - iPad my bag so Easter eggs don't break

From uninspiring images to dream fluency this week has really had its up and downs. This month has too, but I'm going to avoid any biblical references, and just mention that anonymous says hello.

Two really ingenious design related things from Japan I noticed in my feeds this week. The first is an office waste paper recycling plant that turns your TPS Reports into toilet paper. Don't forget to add the cover sheet. The second is a floor mat that adapts to you as lounge about on the floor. The design makes a lot of sense when you consider that most of the action in a Japanese house happens on the floor.

The bitter*girls bring us tilt-shift sumo, the Japanese tradition (Hat tip to pinktentacle). The bitter*girls also had a dream, Fireworks like Rorschach inkblot tests. We all have a theory, and it's good to share your thoughts.

One of my favorite J-bloggers recently appeared on Twitter, Mari Kanazawa (follow @watashi_tokyo) she's the real deal. I'd like these weekly posts to be as eclectic and curious as Mari's are, I doubt I could post with such consistency however.

To get an idea of how I roll when blogging here is my version of floor culture. It's either seated, standing or rocking, but rarely a chair in sight.

Thanks for following, I mean that.

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I leave you with footage of a guy smashing his iPad to pieces for a slice of internet notoriety.
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