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Japanese Language Coach Brett Fyfield, At Your Service

Why you should hire me as your Japanese Language Coach this Summer 

Are you looking for a Japanese course this Summer? Do you have real goals that you want to achieve with your Japanese? Do you want to make sure you are fully prepared for the JLPT well ahead of time? I'm just about to take time off from full time work for summer in Japan so this presents an unprecedented opportunity for you to accelerate your Japanese study.

"9-2-4-10-5-1" - Yokohama
"9-2-4-10-5-1" - Yokohama by Sushicam

How can I help you achieve your goals in Japanese?

I can offer you a fresh perspective on Japanese that will help you make changes which ultimately lead to more effective learning. After a few hours with me you'll have much better answers to the 'how' and the 'why' that most others take for granted. You'll be able to approach your own learning with much more flexibility and creativity.

Because the focus is on real communication with Japanese, you'll be able use the same innovative techniques to improve your ability outside of the classroom too. You'll break through those plateaus that have been holding you back from acheiving real fluency in Japanese. Before we look at the statistics you might want to know why you should learn Japanese from a non-native speaker.

Let's take a look at the statistics.

Some people like facts and figures when they're making a decision. It's not the only thing you need to think about when finding a Japanese language instructor, but helps to get some background.

In the 2 years I've been teaching Japanese, I have:
  • Completed over 60 hours of personalised one-on-one coaching in Japanese.
  • Completed over 300 hours of group sessions for Japanese students of all abilities.
  • Worked with over 65 full-fee-paying students to improve their Japanese.
  • Featured on the homepage of eduFire as a Rockstar teacher.
  • Had my class workbooks downloaded over 2000 times.
  • Been one of the "Top 5" ranked Japanese tutors on eduFire.

Don't take my word for it, hear what my students are saying.

About my Japanese Language Coaching:
Avatar_256x256_thumb_75"Brett is a great tutor who always comes up with new innovative ideas on how to teach Japanese in a fun, yet effective, way."
Philip Seyfi, New Media Designer and Developer

Björn A "Brett is an excellent teacher and he makes his lessons interesting every time. I've learned quite a bit in the few classes I have taken."
Björn A., Hopeful Exchange Student in Japan

Photo_4_thumb_75"He is flexible, engaging and expressive. He in just one lesson connected well with me and tried to understand what I wanted to accomplish. And we laughed a lot. Great tutor."
Allen Thomas, Interested in culture and communication

About my JLPT Prep Coaching:
"Good information so you can do your best on the test."
Rilitsa B.,
"Very nice teacher, and useful tips for the JLPT !"
Clear M.,
"Good tips on how to focus your study for any level of the JLPT. Lots of answers to general questions about the exam process."
Kara C., Japan Traveller

Elsewhere on the interwebs.

I've been in this J-blogger game for quite some time now, and I never tire of bringing you my unique perspective on Japanese culture. Here are some other places you can check before you make a decision.
I am offering two types of one-on-one Japanese coaching sessions.

1:1 Japanese Language Coaching

Tailored to your needs, these sessions to help you master conversational Japanese. Each session comes with a pre and post-task to help you incorporate sophisticated learning strategies into your daily study. Request a session via eduFire now or go direct with PayPal.

1:1 Japanese Language Coaching

1:1 JLPT Prep Coaching

I’ve spent a lot of time developing and applying the best study techniques for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. With a highly focused 1:1 session you’ll feel more organized and confident about facing the mountain of self directed study you need to do to succeed at the JLPT, no matter what your level. Request a session via eduFire now or go direct with PayPal.

1:1 JLPT Prep Coaching

A Note About Booking 1:1 Sessions: Please give yourself at least 24 hours to find a suitable time. Because of the time difference between where you are and where I am in Australia, I’m probably asleep when you decide to book. Chances are if you leave it too late I’ll miss your request. I wouldn’t want to disappoint you.

All 1:1 Sessions are $60 per hour, unless you're a subscriber to my Japanese Language and Culture Newsletter. We can do them via Skype or via eduFire, whatever you are more comfortable with. Calls can be recorded on request so you can listen later.

Subscribers to my Japanese Language and Culture Newsletter get discounts on 1:1 Japanese Coaching Sessions and special insider tips on passing the JLPT.

What's holding you back from reaching your goal of fluency in Japanese?

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