Sunday, July 04, 2010

SHIRO Cheers System

This really made me smile today so I thought I'd share it with you. It has so many elements that I love put together in a seriously lighthearted way. You'll notice the references to the Pythagoras Switch and other low tech devices that are all about sharing the love.

From the description on YouTube;
This is a promotion movie of a Shochu, "Shiro" by Takahashi shuzo.
When we say "Cheer!", the happiness is born between two people. And it spreads to others like a chain reaction and grows bigger and bigger. We hope the Japanese Shochu "SHIRO" can bring people bit closer and happy by making them "Cheers!".
If you feel like to say "Cheers!" with friends even a little after watching this movie, we are pleasure to hear so.
My time in Japan this year is about to come to an end, so let me propose a toast, to all the things you love about Japan. May your dreams be light and fluffy!

I'll be back very soon, with some more good stuff to share!
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