Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rainbowhill on the Japan Podshow - Win Free eduFire Sessions!

If you haven't heard the Japan Podshow yet you really should, listening to them has been described as "like hanging out with a couple of groovy people who just happened to leave a microphone on". I can relate to that!

George and Joseph are like two peas. I was listening to them on the bus, until I lost my headphones. Just as well, I was starting to get funny looks for chuckling to myself too much.

When Joseph asked me to interview on the show I was honored, and just a little excited. He wanted to know all about learning and teaching on eduFire, so I got in touch with Koichi who managed to rustle up 5 free vouchers for sessions of your choosing. All you need to do to win those vouchers is listen for the secret code word in this weeks episode and email the Japan Podshow, or DM them on twitter @japanpodshow.

On the Japan Podshow this week Joseph and George take us to the Kanda Matsuri, a spectacle of mikoshi, fundoshi and wadaiko. Take a look at video to get a sense of the fun.

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